Species Vampire
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Professional Status
Country of Birth Wakasa
Partner Kurō Yoshitsune Minamoto
Personal Status
Relatives Father

Kuromitsu (黒蜜, Kuromitsu) is a main protagonist of the Kurozuka series.

Appearance Edit

Kuromitsu is a woman well-known for her beauty, which has been the source of many conflicts during her life, such as Benkei attempting to murder Kurō and a rape attempt during her teenage days.

Personality Edit

She is very distant and only seems to care about the bond she shares with Kuro even though she has a strange way of showing it.

History Edit

Kuromitsu was born very long ago in the country of Wakasa. Three years after the death of her father, she found the body of a vampire washed ashore, whom asked her to drink her blood in order to survive. Panicking, she ran back to the village, telling two men she encountered about a living "corpse" that desired her blood. When she and the men went back to the body of the vampire, however, it acted like it was dead.[1]

Tempted by her beauty, the two men then tried to rape Kuromitsu, but were stopped by the vampire, whom effortlessly grabbed one of them by the throat and threw him into the sea, causing both of them to flee. The vampire then bowed down in order to suck the terrified Kuromitsu's blood, who calmed down after he had digested his "meal". Kuromitsu gained the feeling she and the vampire were blood relatives, and after sucking his blood aswell, she left Wakasa.[2]

Powers & Abilities Edit

Immortality: Kuromitsu has acquired a status of immortality through becoming a vampire, yet people believe the ability originates from her eating the flesh of a mermaid[3]. This allows her to live forever without aging outwardly, and she herself cannot remember how long it has been since she became immortal.[4] Also, any wound inflicted on her closes immediately, and any body part that is cut off can be reattached.[5] She still feels the pain of every wound she receives, however, like a normal human would.[6]

Enhanced Strength: Kuromitsu possess tremendous strength. She was capable of lifting up a full-grown man and crushing his throat with only one hand.[7]

Enhanced Senses: Kuromitsu posses extremely acute senses. After Kurō questioned how Kuromitsu had found him, she said she had a nose like a dog's.[8]

Trivia Edit

  • Kuromitsu is a Japanese sugar syrup, literally "black honey".

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