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In May 2008, an anime adaptation of the Kurozuka manga by Madhouse was announced by Japanese anime television network Animax. It ran between October and December 2008, spanning a total of 12 episodes.

Episode List Edit

EP # English/Japanese Title Airdate
01 The Plain of Adachi-ga-hara/Adachi Gen (安達原) October 7, 2008
02 The Tomb of Karma/Inner Tsuka (因縁塚) October 14, 2008
03 Askua/Asuka (明日香) October 21, 2008
04 Haniwa Man/Haniwa Jin (埴輪人) October 28, 2008
05 Saniwa/Saniwa (沙仁輪) November 4, 2008
06 Miitsu/Miitsu (御稜威) November 11, 2008
07 Kagura Village/Kagura Mura (神楽村) November 18, 2008
08 The Ghost-Weep Vine/Kikoku Tsuta (鬼哭蔦) November 25, 2008
09 Running the Gauntlet/Sou Fuu Ka (走風火) December 2, 2008
10 The Castle of Mirage/Genei Jou (幻影城) December 9, 2008
11 The Unending War/Ikusa Rinne (戦輪廻) December 16, 2008
12 The Black Tomb/Kuro no Zuka (黒の塚) December 23, 2008

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