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File:A Decorated Fan.pngFile:A Light Through The Mist.pngFile:A Man and a Woman Cross the Bridge.png
File:Arashiyama.jpgFile:Below The Platforms.pngFile:Benkei's Hand With Red Army Tattoo.png
File:Benkei Apologizes for Being Late.pngFile:Benkei Awakens as Himself Again.pngFile:Benkei Awakens in a Cave.png
File:Benkei Close Up.pngFile:Benkei Covered in Kuro's Blood.pngFile:Benkei Falls and See's Kuro as His Reflection.png
File:Benkei Has Arrived.pngFile:Benkei Joins the Shadowy Figures.pngFile:Benkei Kills Man With Gold Mask.png
File:Benkei Looks Closely.pngFile:Benkei On the Roof with Lanterns.pngFile:Benkei Prepares to Cut Down Kuro.png
File:Benkei Profile.pngFile:Benkei Spacing Out.pngFile:Benkei Talks to the Man With Gold Mask.png
File:Benkei Tries to Remember His Name.pngFile:Benkei and Gold Mask Back to Back.pngFile:Benkei and Kuro.png
File:Benkei as Kuro.pngFile:Benkei as Kuro Declares His Love for Kuromitsu.pngFile:Benkei as Kuro Mocks Benkei.png
File:Benkei is Welcomed.pngFile:Benkei on Platform Roof.pngFile:Blood Rain.png
File:Blood Spatter.pngFile:Blood on the Bridge.pngFile:Bone Mask Blood.png
File:Bone Mask Close Up.pngFile:Bone Mask Dead.pngFile:Bone Mask Ready to Strike.png
File:Bone Mask after Cutting Kuro.pngFile:Bone Mask and Cross Mask.pngFile:Bone Mask from Above.png
File:Bridge Lanterns.pngFile:Butterfly.pngFile:Butterfly Watches.png
File:Caught.pngFile:Cross Mask.pngFile:Cut Hands.png
File:Cut in Half.pngFile:Dark Clouds Approach.pngFile:Dead Villagers.png
File:Drinking Blood.pngFile:Endless Platforms.pngFile:Episode 1.png
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File:Episode 8.jpgFile:Episode 9.pngFile:Example.jpg
File:Feature.pngFile:Flaming Arrows.pngFile:Flashback.png
File:Forum new.gifFile:Gold Mask Appears Next to Benkei.pngFile:Gold Mask Close Up.png
File:Gold Masked Man.pngFile:Gold Masked Man .pngFile:Hallway.png
File:Handstand Kill.pngFile:Headless Statue in Graves.pngFile:Inside Forbidden Room.png
File:Karuta.jpgFile:Kuon.jpgFile:Kuro's Eye Close Up.png
File:Kuro's Head POV.pngFile:Kuro's Head Sits on a Stone Slab.pngFile:Kuro's Headache.png
File:Kuro's Headache Flash Green.pngFile:Kuro's Headache Flash Red.pngFile:Kuro's Power Awakens.png
File:Kuro.jpgFile:Kuro After Killing All The Men.pngFile:Kuro Approaches.png
File:Kuro Awakens.pngFile:Kuro Awakens in Tree.pngFile:Kuro Beheaded.png
File:Kuro Bleeding Out.pngFile:Kuro Catches Kunai.pngFile:Kuro Confused.png
File:Kuro Cuts Through.pngFile:Kuro Drinks Kuromitsu's Blood.pngFile:Kuro Grabs His Head in Pain.png
File:Kuro Grabs Masked Man With Hat.pngFile:Kuro Kills Man in Red Armor.pngFile:Kuro Kneels.png
File:Kuro Leaves Forest and Approaches Cliff.pngFile:Kuro Looks Aimlessly.pngFile:Kuro Looks at Men and Kuromitsu.png
File:Kuro Looks in Forbidden Room.pngFile:Kuro Notices His Shoulder Wound Hasn't Healed.pngFile:Kuro Overlooks City Ruins.png
File:Kuro Passing Crow.pngFile:Kuro Pierced by Sword.pngFile:Kuro Prepares to Attack.png
File:Kuro Ready to Strike.pngFile:Kuro Relaxed as Kuromitsu Drinks His Blood.pngFile:Kuro Running in Forest.png
File:Kuro Shakujo.pngFile:Kuro Shocked.pngFile:Kuro Sleeps on the Ground.png
File:Kuro Stares In Room.pngFile:Kuro Takes out Man in Red Armor With One Strike.pngFile:Kuro Victorious.png
File:Kuro Walks Across Bridge.pngFile:Kuro Walks in Hallway.pngFile:Kuro Watches Kuromitsu.png
File:Kuro Yells Out in Pain.pngFile:Kuro about to be Killed.pngFile:Kuro before Kneeling in Pain.png
File:Kuro has Headache.pngFile:Kuro in Hall.pngFile:Kuro in Hallway.png
File:Kuromitsu's Home.pngFile:Kuromitsu's Home Outside.pngFile:Kuromitsu's House Morning.png
File:Kuromitsu's Looks on as Kuro Falls.pngFile:Kuromitsu.jpgFile:Kuromitsu Asks Kuro to Join Her in Immortality.png
File:Kuromitsu Crying.pngFile:Kuromitsu Doesn't Give a Shit About Okata's Sword.pngFile:Kuromitsu Drinks Kuro's Blood.png
File:Kuromitsu Finishes Drinking Kuro's Blood.pngFile:Kuromitsu Full.pngFile:Kuromitsu Hand Down.png
File:Kuromitsu Impaled Against Tree.pngFile:Kuromitsu Killing by Throat.pngFile:Kuromitsu Notices Something.png
File:Kuromitsu Picks Up Kuro's Head.pngFile:Kuromitsu Profile.pngFile:Kuromitsu Recalls Her Transformation.png
File:Kuromitsu Sharpens a Blade.pngFile:Kuromitsu Tired.pngFile:Kuromitsu Touches Kuro's Face.png
File:Kuromitsu Turns to Okata.pngFile:Kuromitsu Watches Kuro.pngFile:Kuromitsu and Benkei.png
File:Kuromitsu in Flashback.pngFile:Kuromitsu looks after Kuro.pngFile:Kuromitsu with her Arm.png
File:Kurozuka wiki.pngFile:Kurō's Katana.jpgFile:Lamp and an Infinite Sea of Platforms.png
File:Light in the Forest.pngFile:Man With Black Armor Frozen With Fear.pngFile:Man With Black Armor Killed.png
File:Man With Black Armor Points Out Kuro's Approach.pngFile:Man With Black Armor Scared.pngFile:Man With Gold Mask Attacks.png
File:Man With Gold Mask Beheaded.pngFile:Man With Gold Mask Below The Platforms.pngFile:Man With Gold Mask Grabs the Sword.png
File:Man With Gold Mask Learns the Secret of Immortality.pngFile:Man With Gold Mask Mocks Benkei.pngFile:Man With Gold Mask Questions Benkei.png
File:Man With Gold Mask Reveals His Face.pngFile:Man With Gold Mask Speaks to Kuromitsu.pngFile:Man With Gold Mask Stands on the Roof.png
File:Man With Gold Mask on Platform.pngFile:Man With The Golden Mask.pngFile:Man With Wolf Mask.png
File:Man With Wolf Mask Clings to Tree.pngFile:Man With Wolf Mask Killed.pngFile:Man and Woman Close Up.png
File:Man and Woman Stop.pngFile:Man in Red Armor.pngFile:Man in Red Armor Cuts Down Kuro.png
File:Man in Red Armor Dies.pngFile:Man in Red Armor Picks Up Kuromitsu.pngFile:Man in Red Armor Prepares to Fight Kuro.png
File:Masked Man With Gold Hair Attacks From Above.pngFile:Masked Man With Gold Hair Close Up.pngFile:Masked Man With Hat Attacks.png
File:Masked Man With Hat Confused.pngFile:Masked Man With Hat Misses Kuro.pngFile:Monk Benkei.png
File:Monk Kuro's Blade.pngFile:Monk Kuro Close Up.pngFile:Monk Kuro Kills.png
File:Monk Kuro Profile.pngFile:Monk Kuro Ready.pngFile:More Villagers Arrive.png
File:Mysterious Hand Points.pngFile:Okata's Bowl Hits the Floor.pngFile:Okata's Eyes Widen in Fear.png
File:Okata's Swords.pngFile:Okata Awakens.pngFile:Okata Backs Away in Fear.png
File:Okata Chases Man and Woman.pngFile:Okata Close Up.pngFile:Okata Cuts.png
File:Okata Doesn't Feel Well.pngFile:Okata Drop's His Bowl.pngFile:Okata Enter's Kuromitsu's House.png
File:Okata Flees the Village Into the Forest.pngFile:Okata Hear's Something In The Back.pngFile:Okata Introduces Himself.png
File:Okata Looks Closer.pngFile:Okata Looks in the Backroom.pngFile:Okata Meets Kuromitsu.png
File:Okata Planning to Rob Kuromitsu.pngFile:Okata Pleased With His Work.pngFile:Okata Recognizes Kuro and Kuromitsu.png
File:Okata Remembering Kuro.pngFile:Okata Remembers Kuromitsu.pngFile:Okata Running Through the Forest Mist.png
File:Okata Sees Kuromitsu's House.pngFile:Okata Stabs a Villager.pngFile:Okata Sword Drawn.png
File:Okata Turns to See Who Spoke.pngFile:Okata Watches Kuromitsu Talks to Kuro.pngFile:Okata in the Forest.png
File:Okata with Blood.pngFile:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.png
File:Placeholder other.pngFile:Placeholder person.pngFile:Pursuers.png
File:Rai.jpgFile:Red Flower.pngFile:Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 8.43.35 AM.png
File:Sea of Flowers.pngFile:Sea of Platforms Leading Into the Darkness.pngFile:Several People Approach.png
File:Shadowy Figures Stand Before Benkei.pngFile:Soldiers of The Red Imperial Army.pngFile:Someone Approaches.png
File:Someone Beats A Drum.pngFile:Sunlight Reveals a Broken City.pngFile:Suprise Bone Mask.png
File:Suprise Cross Mask.pngFile:The Forest.pngFile:The Group.png
File:The Man Revealed to be Kuro.pngFile:The Man Who Turned Kuromitsu.pngFile:The Man With Gold Mask Approaches Kuromitsu.png
File:The Red Imperial Army.pngFile:The Red Imperial Army Approaches.pngFile:The Red Imperial Army Explodes in Smoke.png
File:The Red Imperial Army Soldier.pngFile:The Tree.pngFile:The Woman Cut Down.png
File:Two of Unknown People Approach.pngFile:Umbrella Shadow.pngFile:Water Drop.png